Are you an Architect who wants to know more about the brain?

Attend Milton Shinberg's  "Effective Design for Real People: Seeing Design Through Neuroscience Insights" AIA session on April 27 from 7 to 8am at the AIA Orlando Conference on Architecture 2017.

Click HERE to learn more and register for this session.

Here is an excerpt form the AIA blog about Milton’s session:

“A presenter at AIA Conference on Architecture 2017 is helping architecture students find the link between cognitive theory and design.

We all live in a constant negotiation with environments created by architects. It’s why homeowners renovate their houses, why a roiling debate about open-office plans seems to have no end, and why plazas and greenways in many American cities have become as prominent as the newest skyscrapers, opera houses, and arenas. Some architects have begun to work closely with brain scientists and neurobiologists to unlock just how environments—spaces and buildings alike—affect our sensibilities, and how our perceptions of our environments can influence design thinking.

And, Milton Shinberg, AIA, is helping architecture students learn how cognitive theory applies to actual buildings and spaces.

Shinberg, an instructor at Catholic University of America’s School of Architecture and Planning in Washington, DC, for more than 40 years, has developed a graduate seminar called “Beauty & Brains” that explores how the things we find delightful and appealing can be analyzed in cognitive neuroscience terms.

“Like physicians, [the students] diagnose what’s good and not so good in cognitive neuroscience terms, and then propose effective fixes,” he notes. The analysis focuses on form, but according to Shinberg it is important to also explore the gut-level connection to space, which is more rooted in the brain’s limbic system…READ MORE

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