Bowser-Muyshondt Digital Library

San Salvador, El Salvador–

The Bowser-Muyshondt Digital Library is a collaborative project between San Salvador and Washington, DC. The entirely pro bono construction and design of this library aims to serve the underprivileged community of San Salvador. The library will act as a space to honor the Sister City agreement between San Salvador and DC.  

The public library is 3,500 sf and will house approximately 10,000 books, both physical and digital, donated from local Universities, The American School, and the DC Public Library System. The space also includes public spaces, allowing the community to gather and host events, and STEM/Loops classrooms, facilitating accessible education to the surrounding community.  

Taking materials from the surrounding environment, including bookshelves made from local pine, the space ensures sustainable design and excellence. The design centered around protecting the native Ficus Microcarpas throughout construction 

The project has allowed collaboration between many local artists, including local architect Guillermo Altamirando during the design conception. The library features custom lights from a local aluminum company and individual hanging hammocks made by Lula Mena. 

We are grateful for MCN BUILD’s collaboration and funding for this project. 

*Winner of 2021 Say It Loud MD Award

Click here to see the progression of the Bowser-Muyshondt Digital Library.

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