Lafayette-Pointer Recreation Center

3,330 sqft new construction to house the Lafayette-Pointer Recreation Center, located in Lafayette Park, in the Chevy Chase neighborhood of Washington, DC, in place of existing building (to be demolished). New structure will include a multi-purpose room with the option to subdivide the space for flexible programming, classroom, kitchenette, office, public restroom facilities accessible from building exterior, service spaces, outdoor terraces, and integrated stormwater management landscaping. Building is planned for use by the Chevy Chase community, and adjacent Lafayette Elementary School. An improved stormwater management design for the adjacent park/hill area, as well as site lighting, are included within project scope. Design Team’s responsibilities included refinement of program based on DGS/DPR requirements and community feedback/survey.

Project requires extensive engagement and coordination with the local community, Friends of Lafayette Park, ANC, DGS, and DPR, which include ongoing communication and presentation of program, design concepts, and project development. The hill adjacent to the building is an archeological site, and mitigation and coordination with the district archaeologist is included as part of project development and execution. Historic review includes coordinating with HPO for mitigation as a result of existing structure demolition, and US Commission of Fine Arts review/approvals, since the project is located on federal land.