Rocketship Infinity Community Prep

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Washington, DC

Rocketship Infinity Community Prep Public Charter School is one of three Rocketship Public Charter School Campuses in Washington, DC. Rocketship Infinity Community Prep is a 52,000 sft Pre-K, Kinder and Elementary School Building to host 750 students. The school includes 26 classrooms, three special education classrooms, two cafeterias, learning labs, lobby, nurse’s suite, administrative offices, gym and multiagora space. The project is on its way to achieve LEED PLATINUM Certification – the highest level of certification by the U.S. Green Building Council – made of recycled materials, green materials and solar panels.  The school is located at 5450 3rd St NE and offers high-performance building design and sustainable learning environment for students 

Rocketship Infinity Community Prep is in a unique site with a prominent residential community. This has established a strong relationship between the school and the community. The exterior façade and colors are reminiscent of the houses and residential spaces surrounding the school, making an aesthetic tie between the school and neighborhood 

There is an important emphasis on the school entrance as it serves as the first point where students can learn about sustainability and design. Like other Rocketship Campuses, Rocketship Infinity Community Prep prioritizes personalized education, highlighted through learning labs and specified classroom spaces. 

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