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Georgetown Residence

Washington, DC - “This is not an art gallery. It’s a home that holds great art.” Georgetown Square Residence. This residence in historic Georgetown Square in Washington DC dates back to the 1840s. It is actually a combination of two townhouses that were joined by the former owner, Evalyn Walsh McLean, owner of the Hope…
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Mathewson Residence

Washington, DC - The Mathewson Residence is a single family home designed for an undeveloped, topographically challenging lot, in the heart of Washington DC. Other homes on the street are typically more traditional in shape and material and orientation to the street. The solution for the organization of the house was to create a series…
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Watergate Residence

Washington, DC - The organic curves of the exterior of the Watergate buildings influenced this apartment renovation on the eleventh floor. The architects played with scale and materials; two identical apartments were gutted completely and combined to create one fluid space. Additions to the ceiling make the low ceilings feel higher. A palette of different…
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