Salo Kicks Off Architecture Lecture Series

Salo Kicks Off Lecture Series on Responsible Architecture at Montgomery College

Salo Levinas of Shinberg.Levinas Architects was invited by the Montgomery College Architecture Club to present a lecture on Responsible Design. Through its Distinguished Guest Lecture Series and other programs that bring visiting artists to the College, students are given exceptional opportunities to work with and learn from distinguished professionals and scholars.

Levinas is a frequent lecturer in the United States and abroad on Responsible Design and is an internationally-recognized architect known for his distinguished contemporary designs. His work brings fresh and innovative approaches to challenges presented by a broad array of institutional, commercial, sacred, and residential clients.

Mr. Levinas spoke to the heart of what is now an award-winning approach and commitment to the deeply rooted philosophy of Responsible Design which he perfectly puts into words as being, "the architect's responsibility to society to do what is good for society by identifying the community's needs and meeting those needs in meaningful and innovative ways.”

“I think it was inspiring for [our architecture students] to see the real-world application of everything we’ve been teaching them in class. I love how much you stressed the importance of analysis and the iterative nature of the design process. And you’re right; if you take all of those necessary steps in the beginning, the design solution will come naturally.”
- Khara James, RA - Architecture Professor, Applied Technologies Department

Montgomery College Architecture Club [MCAC] The Montgomery College Architecture Club is a student organized activity that changes as the semesters change. With a mission to travel to see new buildings in the area, go on construction tours, visit architectural offices, watch films about architects/architecture, participate in design competitions. The MC Architecture Club invites selected speakers to the College for presentations about sustainable design/building codes/lighting, and visits local schools of architecture.

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