Lafayette Recreation Center

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The Lafayette Recreation Center is a small recreation center designed in 1954 located in the Lafayette Park in the Chevy Chase neighborhood. The Park is used mostly by the adjacent neighbors. It hosts 2 tennis fields, a basketball court and a playground on the north. The sport fields of the Elementary Lafayette School are in the south.

The small existing brick structure will be demolished after consultation with the neighbors and replaced with a more energy efficient building, while addressing the programming needs of the community.

The new 3,330 SF one story building will respect the scale and design of the nearby residences. It will be divided into two primary areas. The main volume will host the multipurpose room, with one large porch and large windows overlooking the park. The second volume will host the office, classroom, service areas, and bathrooms. All the walls will have a stone veneer finish; the South and East walls of the lower service volume will have trellis for climbing plants. The multipurpose room will have a pitched roof, while the service structure will have a flat green roof with skylights.

This new building will be sited carefully respecting the existing trees. A row of cherry trees runs parallel to the proposed South facade and a large oak tree is on West, facing the multipurpose room.

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