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School Within School @Goding Elementary School, Washington, DC

School Within School @Goding Elementary School is an existing DCPS building located at 920 F St NE, originally constructed in 1959. Since then, the building has undergone a series of improvements, the latest of which was in 2017 to implement HVAC and lighting upgrades. The building is not considered a historic resource, nor is it located in a historic district. The school's program serves all the wards within the District, and follows the Reggio Emilia approach.

The existing building faces F St NE at the South; and 9th St and 10th St NE along the sides. The rear of the building, its North facade and parking area are located adjacent to DPR's Sherwood Recreation Center. The building occupies the full width of the site, with a very limited outdoor programmed are and minimal parking. There is no playground on site and students use the adjacent recreation center grounds for outdoor activity. The public space located between the school building and the sidewalk along 9th St has been programmed to include some outdoor activities and garden.

The existing structure consists of four stories and a basement. The lower level/park level facing the North parking area is a full lower than the ground floor along F St NE.

The Goding Elementary School Modernization project includes the following scope: addition of 7,107 SF to allow the building to meet current Education Specification requirements; level three modernization of existing spaces; improvements to outdoor spaces available for students' use at grade level; new exterior design including new glazing and facade refinishing; new roof terrace and outdoor classroom on top of the gymnasium wing.

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