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Logan Circle Number 6

Washington, DC - Sometimes restoration really means replacement. This once-grand city residence, built in the 1870s for a Civil War commander and his family, had fallen badly into disrepair. When its new owners decided to renovate the home into apartments, they set out to fully restore its historic exterior appearance in order to qualify for…
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M.A. Winter Building

Washington, DC - Constructed in 1908, this former office/warehouse on Washington’s U Street corridor housed numerous enterprises over the next 80 years, including a paper manufacturer and offices for the armed forces during both World Wars. Two decades after the 1968 riots devastated the area, the building was reborn in the shape of commercial lofts.…
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Jenifer Building

Washington, DC - This design, involving the addition of two stories to a designated landmark building from 1906, required not only a sensitive design, but approval of it by numerous public bodies as well. The final design was produced after exhaustive studies, and proceeded into a difficult structural solution that combined further loading of existing…
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