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Capital City PCS

Washington, DC - Capital City Public Charter School at Rabaut is a complete renovation of an existing DC public middle school into a pre-k3 through 12 public charter school. The 168,000 sft building accommodates 1000 students. Scope included a new three-story glass entrance and double-height lobby space, modernized resource center and library, classrooms, and offices,…
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E.L. Haynes at Georgia

Washington, DC - E.L. Haynes Public Charter School at Georgia is one of the most prominent charter schools in the Nation’s Capital. The new, five-story building of nearly 50,000 square feet adapts to fit a compact, urban site while communicating the lively, open nature of a school that houses pre-kindergarten through the eighth grade. From…
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DC Prep Anacostia

Washington, DC - DC PREP Public Charter School Brings Life Back to Historic Anacostia School. DC PREP selected a compact site originally developed for a parochial school but abandoned years ago. The original building, constructed in 1906, is a Contributing Structure in the Anacostia Historic District and therefore requires historic review by HPO and the…
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