• Hyde Addison

    Hyde Addison

    Washington, DC - Renovation of 70,000 sft at existing historic facility. The Addition to Hyde Addison Elementary School…

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  • Bowser-Muyshondt Library

    Bowser-Muyshondt Library

    San Salvador, El Salvador

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  • Mathewson Residence

    Mathewson Residence

    Washington, DC - The Mathewson Residence is a single family home designed for an undeveloped, topographically challenging lot,…

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  • Beth Ahabah Campus

    Beth Ahabah Campus

    Richmond, VA - The existing campus consists of five separate buildings, each housing a disparate part of the Congregation…

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  • Paul PCS

    Paul PCS

    Washington, DC - Paul Public Charter School is a 135,000 sft renovation and 30,000 sft addition of a…

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  • Temple Anshe Hesed

    Temple Anshe Hesed

    Erie, PA - The projects is a new 11,000 SF facility for Erie’s Temple Anshe Hesed Congregation.  Previously…

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  • Carlos Rosario School

    Carlos Rosario School

    Washington, DC - Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School. Project consists of three (3) stories above grade and…

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  • Eagle Academy PCS

    Eagle Academy PCS

    Washington, DC - Eagle Academy PCS at McGogney is a full renovation and addition to a former DCPS…

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  • Georgetown Residence

    Georgetown Residence

    Washington, DC - “This is not an art gallery. It’s a home that holds great art.” Georgetown Square…

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  • Watergate Residence

    Watergate Residence

    Washington, DC - The organic curves of the exterior of the Watergate buildings influenced this apartment renovation on…

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  • Permanent Supportive Housing

    Permanent Supportive Housing

    Washington, DC - The proposed new apartment building at 4300-4304 12th Street SE, will provide 26 apartment style,…

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  • Vermont Ave

    Vermont Ave

    Vermont Avenue, Washington, DC

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  • Rocketship Rise Academy

    Rocketship Rise Academy

    Washington, DC - Rocketship Rise Academy is a 58,000 sft Pre-K, Kinder and Elementary School Building to host…

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  • Chabad Seven Locks

    Chabad Seven Locks

    Potomac, MD - “A little building with an elevated architectural reach.” Benjamin Forgey, The Washington Post The expansion…

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  • Lafayette Recreation Center

    Lafayette Recreation Center

    The Layette Recreation Center is a small recreation center designed in 1954 located in the Lafayette Park in…

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  • Chicago Botanical

    Chicago Botanical

    Chicago, IL - Our contribution to this major landscaping project on the Evening Island site was the creation…

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  • American University Katzen Center Gallery

    American University Katzen Center Galler

    Washington, DC - Modernization of American University’s Katzen Gallery space. A curved movable partition is the centerpiece of…

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  • Woods Residence

    Woods Residence

    Residential Architects in DC, Residential Architects in Washington DC

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  • Kol Shalom

    Kol Shalom

    Rockville, MD - Kol Shalom asked that their home be humble, inspirational, and connected to nature, with a…

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  • Ortiz Residence

    Ortiz Residence

    Washington, DC - The Ortiz Residence is a private home in Washington, DC. The project scope included a…

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  • E.L. Haynes at Clark

    E.L. Haynes at Clark

    Washington, DC - E.L. Haynes Public Charter School, Kansas Avenue Campus, includes the full renovation of a former…

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  • Turnberry Residence

    Turnberry Residence

    Arlington, VA - Turnberry Residence is a penthouse luxury condominium located in the heart of Rosslyn, VA. The…

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  • ICE DC

    ICE DC

    Washington, DC - This project is a conversion of Franklin School, an historic D.C. landmark, into The Institute…

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  • River Hill Residence

    River Hill Residence

    Washington, DC - A renovation to an existing rancher on a sloping site, the River Hill Residence is…

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  • DC Prep Benning

    DC Prep Benning

    Washington, DC - DC Prep Public Charter School at Benning is a renovation and expansion of a former…

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  • Burling Court Residence

    Burling Court Residence

    Bethesda, MD - In the suburbs of the Capitol, this project revels in the dialogue between old and…

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  • B’nai Tzedek

    B’nai Tzedek

    Potomac, MD - “Make a fence around the Torah.” Mishnah, Pirke Avoth, Rabbinic Saying Using natural materials and…

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  • Art Studio

    Art Studio

    Washington, DC

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  • Goldstein Residence

    Goldstein Residence

    Bethesda, MD - This house is a historical curiosity, created to celebrate wood in 1960. While the house…

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  • Dance Institute

    Dance Institute

    Washington, DC - The Dance Institute of Greater Washington's building is a symbol of achievement and energy in…

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  • Sherman Residence

    Sherman Residence

    Bethesda, MD - A fire struck this Bethesda family home and destroyed all but a very small portion…

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  • Gillon Residence

    Gillon Residence

    Bethesda, MD - The master suite was created as an addition to a large family home. In crossing…

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  • Capital City PCS

    Capital City PCS

    Washington, DC - Capital City Public Charter School at Rabaut is a complete renovation of an existing DC…

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  • Varma Residence

    Varma Residence

    Washington, DC - The Varma residence, a 50-year old ranch-style building, has been transformed and modernized to suit…

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  • E.L. Haynes at Georgia

    E.L. Haynes at Georgia

    Washington, DC - E.L. Haynes Public Charter School at Georgia is one of the most prominent charter schools…

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  • Ark


    This custom made ark was done in conjunction with Ellen Mandelbaum, stained glass artist from New York, NY.…

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  • Outdoor Table

    Outdoor Table

    Architectural style Outdoor Table in a beautiful mahogany. The base is 2 inches thick. Stylish borders and finishes.…

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  • Indoor Bench

    Indoor Bench

    Wood Bench for Commercial Spaces

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  • Outdoor Bench

    Outdoor Bench

    Custom made steel bended outdoor bench. Designed to flow with organic forms of the nature. It was created…

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  • DC Prep Anacostia

    DC Prep Anacostia

    Washington, DC - DC PREP Public Charter School Brings Life Back to Historic Anacostia School. DC PREP selected…

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  • Kingsman Academy PCS

    Kingsman Academy PCS

    In progress, to be completed summer 2020 Addition and renovation to an existing facility for Kingsman Academy Public…

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  • 2715 Pennsylvania Avenue

    2715 Pennsylvania Avenue

    Washington, DC - In collaboration with Souto De Moura – 2715 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW is located at the…

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  • Other Projects

    Other Projects

    Ideal Academy, 100 Peabody Street NW, Washington, DC Youth Build Public Charter School, 14th St. NW, Washington DC…

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  • B’nai Shalom of Olney

    B’nai Shalom of Olney

    Olney, MD - This 26,000 square-foot addition and renovation expands B’nai Shalom’s established school and administrative areas, enlarges…

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  • Buenos Aires Residence

    Buenos Aires Residence

    Buenos Aires, Argentina 

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  • Arbor



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  • 18 & I

    18 & I

    Washington, DC - Planned for full renovation of this early 20th century building, and conversion from the original residential…

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  • CIRA Argentina

    CIRA Argentina

    Buenos Aires, Argentina - Templo Libertad is a synagogue situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The synagogue is home…

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